Student Projects

This page lists all the student projects (in alphabetical order):

Using Games with a Purpose to better learn models of user generated data - Gregory Sanders, Kotaro Hara, Christoph Schulze
CTArcade - Tak Yeon Lee, Awalin Nabila Sopan, & Matthew Louis Mauriello
Encouraging Scientific Thinking - Michael Gubbels, Johnny Wu (Advised by Professor June Ahn)
ICDLDictionary - Ran Liu
Fog Prototype - Lyndsey Franklin
M-Urgency - Shiv Krishnamoorthy
MySocialTree - John Alexis Guerra Gómez
Pull Recommendations - Megan Monroe
QuickRank - Nishant Patel and Catalin Tiseanu
StarCraft - Scouting - Michael Whidby
Comment Aggregation - Amanda Strickler, Sonia Ng
Visualizing_Ties- Nick Gramsky

Some possible project ideas: