Sacrificial Overlord Progress Report

What's been done so far:
  • I've changed the way the information will be presented to the user. Instead of a screenshot that shows a player scouting an enemy, I'll be recording videos of the scouting process. These videos will either be of professional StarCraft players scouting (via first-person perspective in replay files), or of myself playing a game and scouting. These videos will be uploaded to YouTube, and then embedded in the webpage. Users can then view a video multiple times in determining their answers for a given video.
  • I'll be restricting the scouting to only Zerg matchups (so, Zerg v Protoss, and Zerg v Terran). There are a few motivations for this. First, it will vastly reduce the number of videos that are needed, although a lot will still need to be recorded. For both of the matchups, I've singled out roughly 10 different openings (20 total) that I'd like to gather clips for. Each opening needs a few different replays that they need to be gathered from, for variety. I'll be making 2-3 video clips from each replay. Second, Zerg is a reactionary race, so effective scouting is most important for them.
  • Looked through 100+ replays, noting what opening the opponent did, and if it was scouted by the player or not. A good mix of openings being scouted/not being scouted is good, as many players try to hide certain buildings to make it harder to determine what they are doing.
  • Basic framework for website complete.

What's left:
  • Recording scouting clips, uploading to YouTube
  • Adding clips to page
  • Finishing website
  • Collecting data!

11/23/11: Comment (Ben)
Sounds great. Looking forward to your final presentation - which I imagine the class is going to enjoy!