QuickRank progress report

November 7
Authors: Nishant Patel and Catalin-Stefan Tiseanu

What has been done:
  1. An initial version of the application is up and running at www.quickrank360.com
  2. We have finished most of the functionality needed for our study (the activity leaderboard, the ratings leaderboard, the specific questions, etc. and we plan to have a live EDU version up within a week. It will be located at http://quickrankEDU.elasticbeanstalk.com. (We've decided to go with Amazon Web Services for cloud hosting). The goal is to be ready for participants by the time we receive IRB approval.
  3. An IRB application has been completed (and submitted). CITI training has been done by both researchers. We qualify for an exemption from a full IRB review and for expedited approval, so we hope to have approval within a week.

What needs to be done:

  1. Obtain IRB approval
  2. Distribute consent forms and recruit volunteers
  3. Get initial data from volunteers
  4. Analyze results

11/23/11: Comment (Ben)
Sounds like you are making great progress - although the EDU version of your app didn't load, so I couldn't see it for myself. Looking forward to seeing how this works out.