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Fog Management Tool:

Team Members

Lyndsey Franklin ( )

Progress Report 11/7

What is the problem you are solving?

Many document sharing applications for mobile phones lump all a users contacts into a single group. Further they are designed only to share content and have few features to support any sort of collaboration between users who have access- for example Bump an share contacts, photos, and music. Other applications allow the sharing of content through 3rd party services such as Google docs but are not necessarily as secure or private as users may want. This project will build on the Fog prototype and allow it to be used as a collaborative document authoring tool supported by the original Fog features such as secure groups and protected data sharing.

What data will you use (how will you get it)?

For this project, I'll be conducting a user-study to obtain qualitative feedback on the prototype I build. It will also include a survey to measure attitudes towards mobile phone use for document collaboration, security, and privacy issues. (The 711/networking project will involve analysis of phone activity etc)

How will you do the project?

The prototype will be an Android app designed to use the current Fog protocols. I'll be drafting a paper based (or maybe online, mobile accessible :) ) survey to address the user-attitude related goals.

Which algorithms/techniques/models you plan to use/develop?

I'll be working with Jessy Schingler to develop the initial Fog prototype app to run against the established Fog protocols (which focus on the privacy/security and group management aspects).

What will you evaluate, and will you know if you are successful?

I'll be evaluating the app in two parts: for 711/networking, I'll focus on the technical aspects such as bandwidth use, impact to phones (battery life, etc), speed of operations compared to like services (Bump, Twitter, Facebook apps I expect, others as I find them). For social computing, I'll be focusing on the user reception of the app: ease of use, availability of desired features, qualitative comparisons against like services. I'll also be looking at how well the prototype app addresses the privacy/security concerns discovered with the user survey.

What do you expect to submit/accomplish by the end of the semester?

For this project I will extend the base Fog prototype to include collaborative document authoring features such as annotation, version tracking, and activity time-lines. I will evaluate the extended prototype with a user-study where trial users will cooperate to complete a sample document over a period of time. Additionally, I will conduct a survey to gain feedback on user attitudes towards mobile applications and privacy issues. For social computing, I'll be focusing on more ad hoc user cases such as collaborators accomplishing tasks in spontaneous meetings. For 711/networking I'll be focusing more on mass-use/stress testing scenarios such as friends swapping content at major events like basketball games or concerts.

Comment (Ben): I think you are on a fine track. My only concern is that an evaluation by itself seems a bit light for this course's project. I think in addition to that evaluation, you should explicitly count for this course an analysis and/or design phase. For analysis, you could perform a detailed competitive analysis of what is currently going on in the marketplace, and based on an informed literature review, explain why you think there is a lack - which gets you to the design phase. It seems that this class ought to inform your design of the prototype, and you could explain that design (again, informed by a literature review). With these elements, the usability study would then be in direct response to your analysis.