Very rough drafts of interfaces. Polish and better look and feel coming soon.

Login Screen:

Teacher's Home Screen:

Teachers will have news-feed-like content showing at a glance what is happening in the exhibits their students are building and what is going on in classroom question/answer forums. I would like to plug in some sort of activity analysis so I'm saving space with the graphs. Part of what I need to research more is the best information for the teachers to get represented there. I think something like trends in question asking/answering and progress towards exhibit goals will be most helpful.

Teacher's Exhibit Previews and Edits:
There will be a screen where teacher's can quickly scan through their students' exhibits.
A more complex form will let them tinker with the exhibit mechanics. The 'create' exhibit screen will be similar in look but with some extra guidance on creation. At the edit phase we'll assume that the exhibit has been planned by the teacher and they're just correcting errors.

Teacher's Class Previews and Edits
Similar to the exhibit preview, a quick scan over classes and their activity. I'm assuming here that any analysis a teacher will want would be associated with classes. I don't actually know this, they may want analysis over exhibits too.
Like editing exhibits, editing a class will be oriented towards correcting mistakes. The 'create' class will have more information for setting up a classroom.

Student Home Screen
Language on the student screens is going to be student oriented- everything phrased sort of first person and more conversational. I'm willing to guess that students are going to be familiar with Facebook-like news feeds so those are going to be repeated here.

Student Exhibit Screen
A note here: there's going to be a lot more work on the student exhibits section. They're going to need all sorts of graphic tools to edit exhibits but much of what I can put in there right now is going to depend on the sorts of tools I can find to plug in. At a minimum they'll need ways of organizing an exhibit (adding/removing/rearranging scenes, etc) and creating content. I want to keep away from limiting them to something like an online PowerPoint presentation.

Student Question/Answer screen
We're going to try to keep all questions and answers in context with the student's own activity called out at the top. But they should be able to find their activity within class/exhibit discussions as well.